Y2K- It's A Zipper!


There is much talk today about the Y2K "Millennium Bug", and speculation about the impact of a computer breakdown on the whole world and its system. I myself have not been overly attentive to news broadcasts or the sensationalism that seems to have swept the world and the church over this issue. However, some months ago. While scanning the radio hoping to find an alleged christian radio station, I happened upon a news release which stated that the Federal Reserve had decided to deposit hundreds of millions of dollars of cash reserve into America's banks for: "The time around the end of 1999, when people will want to stock up on food, supplies, gas. (etc..) in anticipation of the three or four weeks that the government expects the computers to be down and commerce to be essentially halted." I couldn't believe my ears! Immediately I began to ponder all government projects: roadwork, welfare, unemployment... I realized that their "three or four weeks" projection was probably more like three or four months, possibly years, or maybe even forever! All of the creature comforts of American Christian life were being threatened: food, travel, shopping... what would we do? A society so heavily dependent on computer networking, bill-paying, banking, communication.... All the websites to Christian authors and "prophets" would be shut down. Everything that we trusted in would be taken away. Thank-You Jesus!

Y2K has been the rage: "This is God's judgment on America," some would say; "This is God's judgment on the lukewarm church," others argue. Abortion, homosexuality, violence of all kinds sweep the nation... and the professing church! Blasphemy, heresy, false prophecy, hatred, debate, division, error, lying, extortion, backbiting, gossiping, this is the shameful account, truthfully, we have to give of a church which has been better fed than any other church body in the world. America has dwelled in safety, peace, and especially comfort for so long. Life is convenient and the "faith" of Jesus Christ has laid unstirred and unchallenged for decades. The end result has been:

1. Religion: an endless quest for
knowledge; ever seeking how to worship but never knowing –who" we worship. (II Timothy 3:1-7). Unsatisfied, we seek "revival" falling prey to demonic spirits and new age experience. 2. Dead Works: failing to believe, which Jesus himself said is the work of God (John 6:29) we seek to serve God in works like Martha, instead of her sister Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus having chosen the "one thing which is needful." (Luke 10:38-42). Eventually we too become "cumbered about", burdened with service to the church, some charity or the poor. Later, bitter and empty, we lose our Christian witness and hate those who "have chosen the better part". 3. Merchandising: A lack of interest in God's Word and a refusal to hear and obey the Holy Spirit in the church has produced a huge bookmarket for "how-to" methods, and psychological self-helps. The Y2K issue itself has spawned a plethora of "End Time" sensationalists pandering materials that draw men away from Christ just as he warned us they would. (Luke 21:8)
So-called "Prophecy Conventions" have become a sales forum of opinions and false doctrines which call our attention away from Christ and his Word back to the world and its ways (II Peter 2:3). One of the most competitive and lucrative markets on earth is the modern Christian music and movie Industry. A modern psalmist addresses this in song, "so what if we do it as well as the world if they just see another show?...they've done it that way all along." Today in the church, it's fair to say that every conceivable manifestation such as laughing, crying, or even holy birthing is for sale by men who claim to usher these new spirits or gifts (Acts 8:18-22). Many run to and fro journeying from one empty experience to the next while God's Word lays ignored, collecting dust. God's gift's and Gospel, the power of true revival, are still priceless, still free, and still available to "Whosoever will."
(Revelation 22:17)

The Saving Flavor Of God

A wave of secular movies has come out depicting Christianity today in a way that upsets and offends most church goers: accurately. One secular movie which mocks the life of a tent revival preacher perfectly indicts "Real Miracles, Reasonably Priced".
The response has been a series of bans and boycotts, but the church has not taken counsel from God. The antics and showbiz depicted accurately represent the flavor of the mainstream church of today. It's as if God is pleading "My people, take heed, you're loosing your savor. A major news network did coverage of the "Toronto Blessing". I sat in horror as the interviewed people twitched and shook and howled before the world on prime-time television. Its not hard to see why the world today rejects the God we say we serve. An opportunity to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ. the 'flavor of God". to the whole nation of the unreached was lost in chaos. Is it any wonder that Hollywood depicts us in the fashion they do? We the Salt, stand in jeopardy of being "trodden under the feet of men".

How does Y2K Fit into the Plan of God For His People?

God has primarily revealed himself to us as a loving heavenly Father who cared so much for us that he gave his beloved only begotten son, Jesus, to pay for our sin and purchase our redemption. Seeing the weakness and inadequacy of our mortal flesh, he gave us his spirit so we could know him and walk in his ways. The righteousness of God himself has been imputed to all who trust not in their own works but in the finished work of God through his son Jesus on the cross. We who are supposed to identify with this death by baptism in water and continue in newness of life by baptism in the Holy Ghost are no longer estranged from God, but are adopted sons and daughters in direct care of God himself who promises and assures us of this same care and love in Christ. The hope of resurrection from death itself we are commanded to place as our end all be all despising our own lives and taking on his, willingly yielding to the work of his Spirit in us. What a mighty work it is! To transform our wicked, vile bodies and minds to be like his very own! Hallelujah!

Dearly beloved in Christ, Y2K is the very mercy of God! To those who have an ear to hear what his Spirit is saying, listen. God doesn't need us to store up food! He rebuked the disciples saying "Ye of little faith don't you remember the thousands who were fed on only five loaves and two fish?" (Matthew 16:7-11) this is our God! A God who fed millions with manna in the wilderness, a God who brought water from the rock, a God who fed Elijah by ravens, who multiplied the widow's oil, who healed bitter waters, who
provided for Hagar a fountain that she and her son Ishmael would not perish in the desert. A God who multiplied food for thousands of hungry people who had gone on to hear him without food for several days. He's a God who never changes and you can trust him today through Y2K! This same God cautions -labor not for the meat which perishes but for [the words I speak] which will endure to life everlasting." (John 6:26-27) for, *'man does not live by bread alone but by every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God." (Matthew 4:4) Jesus Christ the true living bread!

The devil wants us to think that God is mad at us and is going to forsake us during Y2K.
It is his fear and intimidation tactic to get our eyes off our loving Father! America may fall, America may topple or see hard times; it may be judgment, but a loving father chastises his children for a purpose: because God our Father has only our best interest in mind! (Romans 8:28) God's people may endure hardship but we will never topple or fall as long as we trust him. In fact, I believe Gods people will excel in him during this time, even beyond our wildest expectations.

Throughout history, the hard times have proven to be the times that God's people have clung to him in faith and love relying on him for everything. It's at times like these that people have come to know this supernatural God. But the Christian world today is full of men and women teaching seminars on food storage, buying gold, even investing, in order to weather Y2K. You see, we as a people have been duped into serving mammon (Matthew 6:24-34).

God tells us to "take no thought what we shall eat or drink or wear but that our heavenly father knows we have need of all these things and that we should seek him first". In other words: don't worry! Many times what Christians try to call concern or even wisdom is simply good old-fashioned worrying. Fear and faith cannot coexist. We fear because we don't believe God's love for us (1 John 4:18) and that he will take care of us like he promised he would. Y2K is going to be a time of purifying and strengthening the faith of God's people. God is trying to set people free from the bondage of serving mammon and turn the attention of his people back to him. But most professing Christians are trying to hold onto the very thing God is destroying.

Y2K Bug: Preparation for Harder Times.

Make no mistake about it,Jesus is soon to return. Governments are coming together, technology is increased, natural disasters are increasing exponentially and wars rage with alarming frequency. (Matthew 24:4-8)

But the bride of Christ is full of spots and wrinkles. The prophet Daniel spoke of the tribulation of our day "many shall be purified and made white and tried..." (Daniel 12:10), Jesus spoke of persecution and tribulation that would take place before his return. But he said not to be afraid of these things, but rather to rejoice in times of trouble. I believe the church in America is on the brink of the most difficult yet glorious time in earth's known history.

You see, Beloved, a day will come that we will not be able to buy food, clothing or get medical attention without taking the mark of the beast ( Revelation 13:16-17 ). Don't wait until then to trust God-- start now! Is anything too hard for God'? If we don't trust God now while the times are good then how will we fare when they aren't? God is still the same God (Hebrews 13:8) but who hath believed his report? (Isaiah 53:1-5).

Take this opportunity to believe God. And you will see revival in your life and Y2K won't be such a giant after all. We shall overcome only by trusting the God who cannot fail (1 John 5:4-5). Just as Jesus our Lord was tried in the wilderness and stood the test... So we too will be tried by the fire of tribulation, and will return in the power of
the Spirit (Luke 4:14) as witnesses for Jesus! With our "Savor" restored. I believe many may turn to him and see the real joyand victory of God's overcomer's. Hallelujah!

While visiting with an Indian Pastor recently, we spoke of God's work and move in India. Genuine conversion from Hinduism at peril of life, bona fide healing: blind eyes open, lame walking, deaf ears open and dumb tongues loosed, children filled with God's Spirit and preaching the gospel unto repentance, ground-breaking mission work under the most hostile conditions, demon spirits being cast out and true deliverance, are all going on in a land where persecution, lack and peril are everyday realities. But God's church grows daily. People are forced to believe God, daily finding themselves like Moses with backs pressed against the Red Sea. Like Moses. They see the same supernatural God move on behalf of the simple faithful. These testimonies of God's love, salvation, healing and miraculous provision challenge others to trust God fully. The tiny seeds of faith burst into mighty spreading oaks! Average church attendance is 2 to 5 years before pioneering another mission field to the lost for Jesus Christ. The book of Acts is still being written there with the Holy Ghost as the hero. I believe God longs for this in America as well.

Oh, the great mercy and wisdom of God! So you see, Y2K is not the end, it's simply an endurance test to bring us magnificently and powerfully to glorious victory! "Thanks be unto God which always causes us to triumph in Christ... (II Corinthians 2:14). Dearly beloved, there is no way of knowing what the year 2000 may bring but this one thing we know: you can be sure of your future if you choose Jesus! The best way to prepare for Y2K is to make God the focus of your attention in these following months. Fall in love with his Word again and believe him for all things. He will never fail you. By his grace, strength, Word and love he will preserve us unto his kingdom!

Glory to his name!

PS this article's name came from a pair of jeans. I had noticed that the zipper read "YKK- It was as if God was saying "don't get stuck in Y2K but get caught up in Jesus!"

God bless those who keep the faith. “He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches.“ Amen

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