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He's not republican or a democrat
Which makes me glad cuz I'm sick of that.
They go on and on about this and that
But it's all about which side of Wall Street gets fat.
Power corrupts but I forget who said that
Now D.C. Smells like something and I'm sure it's rat.
Faces gettin' changed like a bald mans hat
But it still stays the same can you imagine that?

So I've got a candidate we really gotta try
Who keeps all His promises and is never gonna lie.
He doesn't need our taxes raised up so high
He doesn't wage war for which we all must die.
He�s completely just and in justice not shy
When evil rears up he'll never turn a blind eye.
He absolutely loves us and I think that's why
Jesus '08 is the banner I'll fly.

I voted Jesus in back in ninety- one
I still can't believe all the good that's come.
A list a mile long of the battles he's won
I�ve never been ashamed of the things he�s done.
I made my life a mess but he made me his son
And there ain't enough rhymes to describe the fun.
Don�t wait 'till November and elect some bum
Vote for Jesus now and watch his kingdom come!


We want to reach the lost and dying soul, so that they may know
the love of God and not go to HELL.

We hope that is your goal in life too. Not to just occupy some
church pew (or chair or bench or cushion for that matter). If you
have the same love and desire for the lost that we have, we would
love to hear from you.

We hold Bible Study & Praise/Worship every Sunday


Our Goals!

here at The Gospel Depot we hope to help in..